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Main Objectives

Your primary goal will be to advance to the enemy’s AIMO Reactor and attempt to destroy it. You can either infiltrate the reactor’s location with your leader and sabotage it, or attack directly with all units at your disposal.

Leader & Crew

Before combat, you will choose which faction to lead into battle. Each faction has a unique leader who plays a key role on the streets of Sick City. This leader allows you to take influence on the course of match by securing points of interest. But remember, this special unit is also a popular target in combat, so choose your strategy wisely.

Map & Tactics

Cover, line of sight, tactical movement – all of this and more goes into the tactical operation of your units in the urban environment of Sick City. Alleyways and building interiors are ideal for small arms and infantry, while open areas and wide streets are perfect for massive combat vehicles.

Resource & Recruitment

Control the AIMO, control the city. To control and protect your AIMO Reactor and seek and destroy the enemy’s, your leader will need support. You can build and reinforce your team by extracting and spending AIMO, which will require regular visits to AIMO Depots during the fight. Starve the enemy of AIMO, and it’s only a matter of time before they smell defeat.