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Imperial Legion Skin
Only available for supporters

We need your support!

Sick City wants to do better. We want to integrate your ideas and wishes into the development of Sick City right from the start, to make this game YOUR game!

To allow fast and direct feedback, we decided to open the gates to Sick City in this early Alpha stage. Optimizing is a high priority for us, but we also have great plans for the full version of the game. You can get a first glimpse of this vision further below.

You can try out Sick City for free, to make your very own opinion of the game. Should you like it, support us by purchasing at a greatly reduced price the full version of Sick City and get hold of the exclusive Supporter Packs.

Whatever you decide to do, every kind of feedback and support is highly valuable to us, since there is... no Sick City without you!

Our vision

New content
  • 4 additional factions with unique gameplay
  • More special units for existing factions
  • New skills and visuals for existing units
New features
  • Competitive rankings and leveling
  • Friend and group management
  • Match and player statistics
Collaborative Development
  • Activity-driven content voting
  • Ingame feature polls
  • ‘Sick Angel’ Program

Supporter Packs

Physical goods are sent to you at Christmas 2017.
System requirements
  • Requires Internet Connection
  • Requires Windows OS
* Under the condition precedent that the complete full version (expected completion in Q4 2018) of the game Sick City will be offered to the market, Roccat Games Studio will grant buyers of Founder’s Pack, Friends Pack and Collector’s Pack full access to the complete version of the game. If the further development of the Early Access version will be terminated prematurely, the game servers will be discontinued two months after the announcement and the game mode will be no longer available.